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  • Biork – Ecological deodorant


    Biork Plastic free Potassium crystal deodorant

    Totally zero waste and plastic free, Biork crystal deodorant is unscented and hypoallergenic allowing the body to perspire naturally while combatting the growth of unwanted bacteria and smell.

    Use by slightly wetting the crystal and applying back and forth like a regular stick. Then rinse and leave the crystal to dry until you need it next.

    Free from aluminum chlorohydrate, alcohol, perfumes, parabens, preservatives and dyes.

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  • Bottle Brush | Bambaw (Set of 4)


    The plastic-free bottle cleaner set

    Clean and reuse any type of bottle with these 4 different size brushes.
    The complete bottle brush set is completely free of plastic. It is composed of a stainless-steel handle, sisal bristles and a soft cotton tip to avoid scratches. Sisal is won from the agave plant and is a completely natural, vegan resource. The wire made of stainless steel is strong, yet flexible. You can easily bend it and put it back to shape to reach all areas of all your glassware.
    The straw brush
    • Diameter: 10 mm
    • Length: 21.5 cm
    The small brush
    • Diameter: 20 mm
    • Length: 25 cm
    • Minimum bottle diameter: 12 mm
    The medium brush
    • Diameter: 30 mm
    • Length: 30 cm
    • Minimum bottle diameter: 15 mm
    The large brush
    • Diameter: 45 mm
    • Length: 35 cm
    • Minimum bottle diameter: 20 mm
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  • Chocolate Bark 75% | Organic | nibbed


    Certificated organic indulgent dark chocolate with flavor. 3 options (Orange | Mint | Hazelnut)

    Delicious hand-crafted 75% bean-to-bar chocolate.
    Free from dairy, soya, emulsifiers & preservatives

    100% natural & plant-based
    100% organic
    Recyclable box and compostable inner sleeve

    Made in an environment that handles Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Almonds and Cashews


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  • CORN SEEDS 100g



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  • Cotton Fruit&Veg Bags – Set of 2 – Sass&Belle

    • Sass & Belle Cotton Fruit & Vegetable Bags – Pack of 2
    • Material composition: cotton
    • Sass & Belle Conscious Living Collection
    • Sass & Belle creates beautiful designs for wonderful products. They are all about the joy of the home and the love of giving as a gift by adding a touch of cheerful smile to their unique collections.

    COLOUR: White
    DIMENSIONS: L 35 x W 0.5 x H 30 cm.

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  • Cotton Produce Bags – Set of 2 – Sass&Belle


    A handy alternative for reducing plastic! Go back to basics with the minimalistic design of this set of two cotton storage bags, perfect for packing up your pasta, dried snacks or grains. A wonderful everyday reusable, bringing planet-friendly materials to the convenience of storage solutions.

    Set of 2.
    COLOUR: White
    DIMENSIONS: L 35 x W 0.5 x H 30 cm.

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  • Dark Chocolate Melting spoon | nibbed


    Dark chocolate melting spoon.
    Just plunge into a cup of hot water or milk of choice, stir and wait patiently for it to melt.

    Ingredients: organic nibbed 75% chocolate (93.8% – cacao nibs, coconut palm sugar, cacao butter), dehydrated orange, orange essential oil [100% organic]
    Allergen info: made in environment that handles Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Pistachios and Cashews.

    Organic and Vegan, Hand crafted in Wicklow
    Spoon and wrapper compostable

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