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The Last Razor by Eco Folk


Enjoy an elegant and sophisticated shaving experience when you purchase The Last Razor by Eco Folk. This re-usable, brass razor is the last razor you’ll ever need to buy.
The Last Razor is completely plastic and toxin free, making it the most eco friendly form of shaving while also being suitable for both regular and sensitive skin.
Features Include:
x5 double edged blades included (This should keep you stocked for about your next 40 shaves!)
Blades are thin and flexible allowing you to get the closest shave possible and reducing the chances of ingrown hairs
Long handle; to reach each part of the body
Brass design; giving the razor a heavy weight and balance so all you have to do is guide it on your skin
An elegant and sophisticated design

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Instructions and Additional Information:
Load the blade: Take your razor and unscrew the handle from the head by twisting it anti-clockwise. Insert the blade between the two parts that form the head. Screw everything back together and tighten it. Be very careful as the blade is extremely sharp.
To shave: Near the end of your shower or bath (once the hair has had time to soften), apply shaving cream, soap or oil (we recommend using natural coconut oil). Apply the razor to your skin and use short strokes while holding the razor at a 30° angle. The first time you use The Last Razor by Eco Folk, apply absolutely no pressure, using only the weight of the razor. You will learn over time the optimal amount of pressure you can apply to get the perfect shave according to your skin – typically it will be far less pressure than when using a disposable razor.
After shaving: Dry your skin, loosen the razor by unscrewing the head slightly and rinse the razor under running water to remove any hair or soap build up. We recommend keeping The Last Razor by Eco Folk disassembled and outside of the shower to preserve its lifespan. Avoid leaving used blades inside your razor as it can cause oxidation of the blade.
The Lifespan: If you take care of your razor, it can last a long time. Depending on the colour you choose, it will have different ware and tare results. The chrome finishes (silver, gold, rose-gold) are more resilient than the softer coatings (white, pink)
Packaging: The Last Razor by Eco Folk is delivered to you in kraft boxes which are fully recyclable.

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