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Refill Foods | Organic Black Quinoa Seeds(100g)


The quinoa plant reaches about 3-6 feet in height and prefers well-drained, can thrive well under tough environmental conditions and alkaline (salty) soil. Quinoa is an incredibly nutritious “grain-like seed” obtained from goosefoot family plant native to the highland plains of South-American Andes region. The study believed quinoa as the mother of grain (chisaya mama)”, since eating it as food would confer they prolonged healthy life.
Health benefits, of quinoa 100g quinoa seeds (grains), carry 368 calories. Its grains are moderate sources of energy, and their calorie content may be matched to that of some of the major cereals such as wheat, maize, rice, and that of pulses like chickpea, mung bean, and cowpea.

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