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Loofah soap cushion


The loofah soap cushion offers every solid soap a new, plastic-free place to dry. The naturally permeable structure of the loofah soap cushion allows water and soap residues to run off easily. Our soap cushions are handmade from the loofah cucumber. The cultivation is done under controlled conditions – of course without the use of pesticides. In addition, the soap pillow is produced climate neutral.

Loofah soap cushion – 100% plastic-free

Before the first application, put some water on the loofah soap cushion so that the fibers can unfold and the cushion becomes air-permeable. Now it is ready to dry solid soaps or shampoos after use. The perfect natural soap dish. The Luffa soap cushion can be boiled up to 120°. Please do not clean in the washing machine.

Loofah & cotton

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