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EcoStraws | Glass Reusable Cups


The Glass EcoCup is a new design of reusable coffee cup aimed at reducing the dependence on single use cups.

Designed to reduce the waste caused by disposable coffee cups, this Borosilicate Glass Cup from EcoCups.ie is a revelation. For convenience, the Glass EcoCup is both microwave and dishwasher safe.

We care about the planet and so do you, making the Glass EcoCup ideal for expressive, environmentally conscious individuals. Also, save money, as most cafes now offer a discount when you bring your own EcoCup. Check out more details here.

Designed by coffee lovers, it’s a convenient alternative to some bulky travel mugs and limits the wastage from disposable coffee cups. Take the Glass EcoCup to the office, airport, gym, cafe, or park as this nifty reusable coffee cup is in a league of its own when it comes to portability.

Be the one that turns the tide on single-use plastic and inspire everyone to change from disposable to reusable.


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