Who We Are

We are a zero waste shop in Enniscorthy. We came up with the name Eco-Kind because the definition of eco is: Not harming the environment and the definition of Kind is: a willingness to do good and that is what our shop is all about!
A willingness to do good not only to the environment but also to each-other.


Our Products

We carry up to 300 Bulk foods, liquids and cleaning products as well as zero waste and personal hygiene products. We encourage you to bring your own tubs, containers & bags for refilling to reduce the waste imposed on our environment from single use.


How We Work

It's a simple process, just weigh, fill, re-weigh & pay! Don't forget to bring along your own containers! We also offer our products online with free collection in our store!

Our Products

Highest Quality

100% Natural

Eat local, consume local, closer to nature.

Zero Waste

Let's all make the effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

Alway Fresh

We are passionate about supporting local & Irish makers


Chemical free consumption IN and ON your body.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday:



08:30am – 05:00pm

09:00am – 05:00pm